Across the Yield Curve


By Rom Badilla, CFA

October 15, 2012

Various links from across the web and blogshere that we are reading. Enjoy!

The engine that powers global growth is slowing as Emerging Markets such as China and Brazil face economic headwinds by Simon Kennedy, Bloomberg

Who’s selfish now? Bernanke turns the tables on Brazilian Finance Minister by Marc Chandler

Taxable Municipal Bonds offer high quality credit characteristics by

It’s a “win-win” for JP Morgan suits and shareholders in the case of a California bridge loan. What about California taxpayers? By Cate Long, Muniland

The importance of your investments keeping pace with inflation by Your Wealth Effect

The study of the allocation of limited resources to satisfy unlimited wants and needs, aka economics can save lives by Mark Whitehouse, Bloomberg

Despite historical low mortgage rates, underwriting standards by lenders remain tight by Rob Chrisman, The Basis Point

Why Recession Forecasting Matters by Cullen Roche, Orcam Financial Group

We strive to include anything related to bonds. We definitely want to include our favorite Bond that we hope will never mature and will continue to produce returns for many years to come. By The Economist

Not everyone wrote about Red Bull Stratos. Or did she? By MakinSenseBabe

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Across the Yield Curve



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