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About BondSquawk

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the action here at BondSquawk. Our aim is to provide an unbiased view of one of the largest (but under reported asset classes in the world) – The world of bonds.

On our BondSquawk blog and community forum, we will study, analyze and report anything bond or macro related. (BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP)

Our mission is to encourage an active dialogue amongst the investing public while leveraging the Internet to create a flow of information to help make us all better investors. We invite you to join our community. We encourage you to speak your mind – ask questions or bring answers.

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So who are we and why do we care?

We are a team of experienced bond market peeps and journalists who are concerned about the lack of transparency in the bond markets. Retail investors have always been kept in the dark far too long and we believe now is the time to shed some light on the subject. You no longer have to be a Wall Street insider to understand the market opportunities that await you.

Work with us and together we will shed some light and learn from one another about the intricacies of the Wall Street profit machine….the bond markets.

Our Team

Chief Bondsquawker

Rom Badilla, CFA, is an avid bond trader and former Senior Fixed Income Portfolio Manager with the State Board of Administration of Florida. He had a front row seat to the building up of the real estate and securitizations market bubble and foresaw the subsequent financial crisis. Rom hopes that history does not repeat itself and believes that by empowering investors with knowledge and insight, the global economy can avoid another mishap that derailed many years of economic and social progress.

Rom has more than 17 years of experience in the capital markets and in the investment management industry, specifically in Market Strategy, Portfolio Management, and Bond Trading.

Rom is a member of both the CFA Society of Chicago and the CFA Institute. He is dedicated to evaluating day-to-day and long term market conditions and breaking them down into insightful and thoughtful analysis.

Join Rom every day for market analysis and future trends on the Street.

You can reach Rom at rom@bondsquawk.com



  1. vincent griffo says:

    if you could trade the two yr.note that will be auctioned 12 months from now today ,how do you calculate the value of a basis point

    • Rom says:

      The value of a basis point can be calculated by using the duration of the bond and multiply it by the change in yields. The duration is the price sensitivity of a bond for a change in interest rates. So a bond with a 2 year duration will experience a 0.02% change in price of yields change by a basis point (2.00 duration x 0.001 change in yields)


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